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Herbal First Aid Kits

In our fast paced world we don't always have the opportunity to do the best things for ourselves or the planet. Our idea was to help you to do that with natural first aid and our homeopathic first aid kits.

homeopathic first aid kitsThe Homeopathic First Aid Kits

We help you save time, money and energy by offering pre-packaged first-aid kits combining the best natural and conventional products available to treat minor accident or injury. Our kits are designed for a wide variety of situations and settings.

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natural first aid kitsNatural First Aid Kits

First aid is literally the first care you provide when accidents or injuries occur. Our products can help you do that effectively and naturally, and these ideas can assist you in knowing what remedies to use and suggested approaches to providing safe, fast care in a variety of situations.

herbal medicine first aid kitsThe Medicine

We use a variety of herbal, homeopathic and natural products in our kits. Visit our glossary page where we share information about what we offer and why.

homeopathy first aid kitsThe People

As mothers leading active lifestyles and as practitioners of holistic care we noticed a distinct lack of natural first-aid kits available on the market. We decided to create our own to share with you.

herbal first aid kitThe Vision

We help you to serve your family and your self by providing the best of first-aid care, and you help us by supporting our small, mother-owned business with a goal of helping others utilize earth and body-friendly products for their care. Our company in turn supports grassroots, locally owned businesses to provide the best in holistic care product options for our herbal first aid kits. We are excited to provide this service for you and our communities!

Enjoy your health and well-being! Protect it best with natural first-aid care.

Nature's Care Kits

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